Best Modern Minimalist Apartment Designs!

Best Modern Minimalist Apartment Designs!

The entire apartment was designed by Vietnamese designer Ductien N himself. The designer used a large area of ​​warm gray as the main color to pursue the cleanness and purity of the space, and coupled with the integration of classic furniture to highlight the comfortable atmosphere of the space.

Modern minimalist apartment

The living room still chooses a large area of ​​light gray as the main color of the whole space. The large area of ​​windows ensures the sunlight and ventilation in the room, and the white marble looks very modern in the space.

The whole apartment is the latest work of Spanish designer Ductien N. The overall style highlights the quiet and elegant space atmosphere, and the simple color matching makes the space very advanced and beautiful.

The design style of the master bedroom is still warm gray, creating a warm and comfortable space atmosphere. The white spherical chandelier and the light gray bedding make the space very warm. The sofa next to the floor-to-ceiling window creates a lazy atmosphere of the space.

The large floor-to-ceiling windows allow the outdoor scenery to be fully integrated. The smoke outside the window creates a dreamy atmosphere of the space. The round white sofa and spherical chandeliers echo each other.

The kitchen and dining room are connected to each other, and the space is divided by white solid wood floors, and the soft wood grain highlights the natural quality. The line-like Nakajima Taiga and the chandelier echo each other, highlighting the geometric beauty in the space.

About. Ductien N

Ductien N is an interior architect and artist in Vietnam. He likes conceptual design and architectural visualization. He has his own unique design style in his work, and is good at combining modern and refined life with the original natural atmosphere. Fusion, in the simple environment, find the modern life atmosphere.

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