How to choose the best curtain for the study

How to choose the best curtain for the study

Generally speaking, most of the apartment types will use the small room in the north as the study. The space is small and the storage requirements of items are high. It is necessary to choose curtains according to the actual situation.

So, how should the study curtains be chosen?

1.The material of the study curtain

In the selection of materials for the curtains in the study, you cannot choose too thick materials (thick material curtains can be replaced in northern winter), if they are too thick materials, it will give people a very depressing feeling.

The study is the place where people work and study, and it pays attention to a quiet and elegant environment. If people work and study in a relatively depressing study environment, it will bring a lot of bad influences, which will change people’s fortunes in work and study. Bad, encountered a lot of obstacles.

On the contrary, if we work and study in a relatively relaxed study environment, people’s spirits will also become relaxed, and even if we encounter some difficulties, we can easily solve them, so that our performance in work and study can be improved. The better, the fortune will rise accordingly.

2.the style of the study curtain

The decoration style of the study room should be relatively quiet and harmonious, so the study room should also conform to the overall style of the study room when choosing the curtain style.

In this way, it can be more harmonious with the study environment, and at the same time, it will not destroy the atmosphere in the study because of the inappropriate style.

If the curtains in the study are too fancy, it will look out of tune with the study environment, and it will easily make people difficult to concentrate, easy to be distracted, which will lead to a decline in performance in work and study. At the same time, you cannot choose too bright colors. , makes people feel dazzling, not conducive to work and study.

3.The permeability of the study

The color of the curtains in the study should generally choose a color with strong permeability, and the common ones will be white, beige and other relatively fresh colors.

For example, white venetian blinds will be a good choice, which can not only block strong sunlight, but also make the environment in the study better, thereby improving the Feng Shui environment in the study.

Soft tones and horizontal stripes give this study a characterful look. In a study with gray-white and pale yellow as the main tone, the simple hanging method is more convenient for you to adjust the light at any time.

4.For narrow rooms, blinds or Roman blinds are recommended.

In the small space, coupled with bookcases and storage cabinets, many cabinets and desks are close to the wall, and sometimes occupy the position of the wall containing the window, which makes it impossible to place traditional curtains.

Elevate the space: Use harmonious “vertical” stripes and patterns to decorate the walls and windows to elongate the proportions of the space. If the room is small, try to use white or white curtains, which will make the room appear larger and not depressing.

Roman Blinds: When installed, the long and narrow butterfly pleated Roman Blinds will visually extend the longitudinal direction of the window further, raising the shelf of the entire room.

The simple stripe pattern is so comfortable that it not only softens the hard lines, but also makes the room look more comfortable. As long as the tones are natural, the streaks become calm and peaceful.

Because it is a study, the choice of curtains should be relatively simple and bright, and the striped pattern is also a wise choice.

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