The Best Downlight Buying Advice in 2022

The Best Downlight Buying Advice in 2022

What is a downlight?

Downlights are generally composed of light sources, electrical components, lamp cups, etc. Downlights with traditional light sources generally have a screw cap, which can be installed with energy-saving lamps, incandescent lamps and other lamps.

Now it is generally an LED downlight, the light source is an LED, and generally includes a driving power supply, a diffuser plate, etc., there are various types of it embedded in the ceiling, called recessed type, and surface-mounted type.

What are the benefits of LED downlights?

The light sources of downlights include energy-saving lamps, LEDs, halogen lamps, etc. The commonly used sources are LEDs. The earliest LED used straw hat LEDs, but they are basically useless now. The use of 1w or 3w high-power LEDs alone for it has become less and less.

In the lighting with the main light, the downlight plays the role of auxiliary lighting. For example, it is installed on the sofa, which is conducive to reading books and newspapers on the sofa, turning on the it, and you can see more clearly.

A large number of downlights will be used for lighting without main lights, so that in addition to meeting basic lighting needs, it can also make the light more layered.

In places like the kitchen, the kitchen lights are not exposed, occupy a small space, and the light is soft. When the main light such as the ceiling light is insufficient, it can be used as auxiliary lighting to make the light of picking and cutting vegetables clearer and brighter.

How to choose downlights?

01 – Look at style and appearance

Although the design of it is generally relatively simple, but the appearance is still there, and Panasonic has done a good job in this regard. In this era of looking at appearance in everything, it is more important to choose a lamp that looks good to you.

02 – Look at the quality

Downlights are generally composed of light sources. Now they are generally composed of LED lamp beads, drivers, lamp cups and other structural components. Pay attention to the quality of these parts.

LED lamp beads are mainly about brightness and life, the driver is mainly about the stability of current, and the lamp cup is mainly about heat dissipation and robustness.

03 – Look at the work of the drive

Generally speaking, the workmanship is insufficient. For example, whether the shell material is made of aluminum, of course, there are materials that have better heat dissipation than aluminum, but they are usually expensive and not conventional products.

Because the driver is inside, it is generally invisible from the outside, so we can only see it through the relevant parameters, such as the warranty time, the power factor of the driver, efficiency, etc. Good quality products generally write the parameters of this piece or provide product warranty period.

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