The most popular microwave oven recommendations in 2022

The most popular microwave oven recommendations in 2022

In recent years, various electrical appliances have become popular with touch screens, dozens of buttons, and hundreds of functions. When I first started, on a whim, I read the manual, found various menu recipes on the Internet, and made a table of delicious food.

Today, I will share with you the wonderful benefits of microwave ovens.

01 – What is the difference between a microwave oven/oven/steaming oven

Microwave oven: an electrical appliance that uses microwaves to heat food. In short, microwaves oscillate polar molecules in food at the same frequency, and the friction between molecules generates a lot of heat to heat food.

Oven: An electrical appliance used to seal and bake food. Its working principle is to heat the air through a heating tube, and the air transfers the heat to the food, from the outside to the inside.

Steaming and roasting machine: As the name suggests, it combines steaming and roasting functions on one machine, which not only saves space, but also saves more money than separate ovens and steamers.

Ovens focus on baking food, microwaves focus on heating meals, and all-in-one steamers and ovens are fully functional and take up less space.

02 – Is microwave heating food harmful to people?


① Microwaves will not cause cancer to humans. First of all, microwaves are a kind of radiation, so many people naturally think that it will cause cancer. In fact, microwaves are an electromagnetic wave, the same thing as the radio waves used by radios, infrared rays, telegraphs, and visible light. They differ only in frequency.

Microwaves have higher frequencies than radio waves and lower frequencies than infrared and visible light. Radio waves and visible light do not cause cancer, so it is not difficult to understand that microwaves between them do not cause cancer either.

② The safety of microwave depends on the strength of energy. For example, warm sunlight makes people feel comfortable, and hot sun exposure can cause severe skin burns.

The same is true of microwaves, which can heat food and heat people until they are cooked through. Scientists have done a lot of research and found the microwave power that causes the least harm to the human body.

03——How to choose a microwave oven?

1.Look at the chassis type

Turntable type: The bottom turntable drives the glass plate and can rotate 360°, which heats the food more evenly and consumes less energy. However, due to the existence of glass plates, swivel rings, drive shafts and other devices, the space utilization rate in the cabin is not high, and the gap between the glass plate and the bottom is not easy to clean.

Flat plate type: The rotating motor is hidden under the flat plate and drives the metal stirring plate of the flat plate to reflect the microwave in the cabin to the whole space. Because there is no additional device, the space utilization rate is greatly improved, but there may be a heating blind area for the cooked food, resulting in uneven heating.

The cleaning angle is only relative. The turntable can be disassembled and cleaned by itself. If you encounter an egg or something, you can only disassemble it for cleaning. All microwave ovens are the same. The hardest to clean is just the mesh.

2.Look at the liner material

At present, 80% of microwave oven liners on the market are common spray liners, which are mainly divided into three types: spray liners, nanosilver liners and stainless steel liners.

Spraying the inner tank: the color of the inner tank is greenish, and some manufacturers call it “aerobic ecological cabin”, which is the primary product in the inner tank;

Nano-silver liner: It is an earlier liner with good bacteriostatic effect, but it has a long heating time and low thermal efficiency, and the older microwave ovens are still in use;

Stainless steel liner: the best liner in the microwave oven at present, easy to clean, strong toughness, high temperature resistance, not easy to deform, and even heating.

3.Look at the capacity

  • 23L and below: suitable for 1-2 people;
  • 23-25L: suitable for 3-5 people;
  • 25L and above: Suitable for families with more than 5 people.

The capacity of microwave ovens is more common between 20-30L, of which 23L is the most common at present, and this capacity is more suitable for most families.

However, it is not that the larger the capacity, the better the microwave oven, and there is no necessary connection between the two. Mainly depends on the product performance.

After reading this article, you know a little more about microwave ovens!

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