Top 6 Most Practical Home Decorations for 2022

Top 6 Most Practical Home Decorations for 2022

Without further ado, let’s take a look at 6 useful and beautiful home decorations styles!

Home Decorations 01 – Disposable toilet brush

Ordinary toilet brushes need to be cleaned and dried in time after use, and the sanitary dead corners on the inside of the toilet cannot be removed at all, which is easy to breed bacteria and odors.

Disposable toilet brush, the brush head comes with detergent, and can be cleaned to some grooves, brushed to some sanitary dead corners, and the brush head can be cleaned directly after use, which is very convenient.

Home Decorations 02 – Traceless Mop Buckle

The mops that have been mopped are piled up directly in the place, which is not easy to dry, occupies space, and is easy to breed bacteria and mold.

Then put it directly behind the door, you can store almost all cleaning tools, clean and tidy. The snap-on design is very convenient to hang and take, and can be operated with one hand.

Home Decorations 03 – toilet spray gun

It can be said responsibly that in the future, toilet spray guns will become standard in bathrooms. It can be used for a variety of purposes. It can be used to flush toilets, walls and floors, and mops. The price is about 100 yuan, and the installation is very simple. Are you sure you want to try it?

Home Decorations 04 – hand sweep sensor light

The hollow parts of shoe cabinets and cabinets belong to the blind area of ​​lighting. If you want to install a light strip under the wall cabinet, but find that there is no reserved power supply, you can consider installing a rechargeable hand-scanning sensor light.

It can be used for a month on a single charge, which solves the problem of dead spots in the lighting. Some cabinets can also be installed inside without drilling holes, which is very convenient for installation.

Home Decorations 05 – blue butyl rubber

Blue butyl rubber is a kind of glue similar to plasticine, which can clean the dust from keyboards, speaker holes, headphone plugs or various small crevices.

Another wonderful use is that you can paste some light paper, hanging paintings, etc. Personally, the most suitable one is to stick the Spring Festival couplets, and it will not leave glue on the wall, which is very good!

Home Decorations 06 – Labeling Machine

As a must-have for furniture storage, the labeling machine can better help us summarize and organize the items in the home. For example, some storage boxes, shoe boxes, and drawers can be directly labeled with items.

You don’t need to open it, you can see the items stored in it through the label. It is definitely the best partner for storage madmen.

Which of these 6 most practical home decorations is your favorite? Welcome to leave a message~

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