Top 6 Fastest Ways to Buy the Best Downlights

Top 6 Fastest Ways to Buy the Best Downlights

Today,I will share the top 6 fastest ways to buy the best downlights with you.

01 – Look at the Downlights beads

Since the lamp beads are also inside, the quality cannot be seen, but we can know the quality of the lamp beads from the presence or absence of glare, the softness of the light, and the warranty time.

If the optical distribution of the lamp bead is unreasonable, it will cause glare. If the lamp bead is guaranteed for a long time, it means that the heat dissipation can be done. If the heat dissipation is done well, the service life of the lamp bead is guaranteed.

Note: Embedded downlights need to be suspended ceilings, so the floor height still has certain requirements, especially after the ceiling is completed, if the clear height is less than 2.6m, you need to carefully consider whether you need to install downlights.

02 – Downlight wattage selection:

The selection of the wattage of the downlight can refer to the floor height, and the floor height of about 3 meters can be selected about 3w.

When using the main light design, you can also choose a 5w or even higher power downlight.

If it is designed with a main light, you can choose 3w or 1w. The floor height of about 3.5 meters can choose about 6w, and the higher floor height can choose 8w or even higher power.

Factors such as area, floor height, light efficiency of downlights, and personal preference need to be considered. These are approximate references, unlike classrooms, libraries and other places that have relevant standards for illuminance. After all, it is a place for individuals to rest and live. It is recommended for reference, and you need to feel comfortable.

03 – Look at the color temperature

Generally, the living room can choose a color temperature of about 4000-5000k. Due to the changing application scenarios in the living room, it is best to choose a color temperature that can be used. In addition, because the number of downlights is relatively large, pay attention to the consistency of the color temperature. If the color temperature is inconsistent, It doesn’t feel good either.

04 – Look at the glare

Glare refers to the strong contrast of light that causes discomfort to the human eye, so try to avoid glare as much as possible. The generation of glare is mainly related to the optical design of the lamps, the installation angle, the human visual angle and so on. If used as basic lighting, try to choose a downlight with deep anti-glare.

05 – Anti-blue light

Too much blue light can damage the eyes to a certain extent, but there is no need to worry too much, because the light we see generally has blue light components, as long as there is not too much blue light.

Countries have relevant standards. As long as it meets the anti-blue light level, such as RG0, you can use it with confidence.

06——The size of the downlight (general situation)

  • 2.5 inch (the most common) hole diameter 80, the power is usually 3w
  • 3 inch hole diameter 90 power 5w
  • 3.5 inch hole diameter 100 power 7w
  • 4 inch hole diameter 120 power 9w
  • 5 inch hole diameter 150 power 12w
  • 6 inch hole diameter 160 power 16W

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