6 Home Decorations That Will Best Boost Your Home’s Happiness

6 Home Decorations That Will Best Boost Your Home’s Happiness

What can be called a home artifact, first of all, the most important point is that decorations can solve some home pain points in our lives, and secondly, the price should not be too high.

Decorations 01 – Hinged lights

A few dollars a hinge light is installed on the hinge of the cabinet door. Whenever the cabinet door is opened, the light will light up to illuminate the interior space of the cabinet. When the door is closed, the power will be cut off. Very practical in terms of cabinet space.

Compared with installing lights or light strips in the cabinet, it is more cost-effective and more convenient to install, just need a Phillips screwdriver. The battery can be removed and one can last a long time.

Decorations 02 – telescopic rod

The telescopic pole is a classic household tool, also known as the expansion pole. It can be used in bathrooms, kitchens, balconies and other places without nails, no traces and no glue. In theory, it can be used with two fixed surfaces.

With hooks, wardrobes, cabinets, sinks, niches and even various corners can be turned into very comfortable storage spaces.

Decorations 03 – Anti-collision rubber particles

Unexpectedly, a small piece of rubber actually solved all kinds of kicking noises in the house. The noise from opening and closing doors, handles, drawers, toilet lids is particularly uncomfortable.

At this time, you only need to spend a few cents to paste this little glue, this trouble will be gone, and it can effectively protect the wall from damage.

Decorations 04 – Nail-free screw stickers

We often install some shelves in the kitchen and bathroom, and the installation method without drilling has become a big trend. Nail-free screw stickers are most suitable for tile walls or relatively flat walls, without drilling holes, without damaging the wall, suitable for various hanging rods and shelves, making full use of the wall space.

Decorations 05 – fish scale rag

For the surface cleaning of mirrors, metal and glass products, after the ordinary rag is wiped, there will always be water stains and hair. The surface of the rear object is as bright as new, which can be called a bright surface cleaning artifact.

Decorations 06 – Traceless Magic Buckle

The newly renovated wall is bright and clean, do you feel bad about knocking on a few nails at this time? Although the latex paint wall paintings are not like before, the cement nails are directly knocked, but the non-marking nails will also leave a few small holes.

And the seamless magic buckle really does not leave any traces on the wall. When you take it off, just pull the rubber strip down, and it will not damage the wall at all.

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