Best Furnishing Brands

It’s IKEA’s Furnishing summer sale recently, with discounted items up to 50% off. Although there is a big sale in summer, there are not many products covered by the sale.

In fact, in addition to IKEA, there are many interesting and beautiful home furnishing brands. With the growth of the post-80s and 90s, the requirements for home furnishing are not only cost-effective, but also need to have a sense of design and uniqueness.

In recent years, in addition to IKEA, various evaluation home furnishing products from Europe, America and Japan have also entered China one after another, and some original home furnishing products in China have gradually grown up.

The requirements for the quality of life are getting higher and higher. The following small values ​​will show you which home furnishing brands are worth buying besides IKEA.

Furnishing Brands 01 – NITORI

NITORI is Japan’s largest home furnishing chain, much larger than MUJI. As big as furniture, as small as a pair of chopsticks, as long as it is an item that is closely related to life, you can find it in NITORI.

Compared with IKEA’s Nordic style and minimalist design, Yideli pays more attention to practicality. Most of Yideli’s furniture follows the Japanese style of log style, and the price is lower than that of IKEA.

In terms of shopping experience, Yideli pays more attention to guiding the needs of life, and the service is more meticulous and thoughtful.

Finishing Brands 02 – Harbor house

Harbor House is an overall home furnishing brand originating from California. Its products cover sand, carpets, home textiles, lamps and decorative paintings, etc. American-style home furnishing brands, many furniture markets or shopping centers have their stores.

Harbor House does more than just American pastoral style homes. When you open the website, you will find that its products have basically covered all American home styles.

Traditional: Inheriting the ancient essence of traditional American furniture: open size, clear lines, calm colors and old craftsmanship, showing the beauty of elegance and atmosphere, relive the traces of the years in the classics.

Global: Mashup is a cross-border collision between cultures. HarborHouse deeply understands the development and inclusive spirit of American culture, absorbs the essence of exotic styles, and injects various mix and match elements into independent research and development and design.

The seemingly casual details are blended harmoniously with the uninhibited American style, making the home space full of personality and exotic exoticism.

Natural: The simplicity and leisure of American life is inseparable from the symbiosis of nature. HarborHouse is inspired by the back garden, redwood forest and ELK town where the brand originated.

Apply all the elements of nature to bedding, artificial flowers, wall paintings and other household products. Stay indoors and feel the taste of natural life.

Coastal (ocean wind): HarborHouse integrates the unique marine elements from the west coast of California, such as coastal scenery, blue water, seabed sediments, ancient ecology and other details, into the design and matching of products.

From color, material to creativity, each product not only permeates the sunshine temperament unique to the west coast of California.

Finishing Brands 03 – Pretend

Founded in 2014, Zaozuo unites design masters from various countries and provides fine-quality and affordable furniture and home furnishing products for the new middle class.

Product styles are diversified and full of international style. Zaozuo is not an e-commerce platform or sales channel, but a creative brand that changes life with modern design.

Adhere to 100% original design of the whole site, through the industry’s exclusive 5-level quality control, transparent direct manufacturing guarantee and perfect distribution and installation services directly to the whole country.

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