4 Indicators To Choose The Best Air Purifier

4 Indicators To Choose The Best Air Purifier

Today, let’s talk about what indicators should we pay attention to when buying an air purifier?

01 – Air Purifier’s Fan

The CADR value is closely related to the fan. With the same filter element, the stronger the fan power, the higher the CADR value, because the higher the rotation speed, the higher the air intake and release speed.

Therefore, in a sense, the fan can be regarded as the core component of the air purifier. A fan with strong power and stable output is the guarantee of the excellent purification ability of an air purifier.

02 – filter

The filter is also a point that people pay attention to when purchasing an air purifier, because there are many tricks here. After all, from the appearance alone, all the filters on the market are similar, and it is impossible to see how effective a filter is.

At present, air purifiers on the market are basically composite filters, and the core filter layer is generally a HEPA layer. There are grades of HEPA filters, such as H12/H13/H14 and so on.

Personally, it is recommended to buy H11 level or above. You don’t need to believe the H12 and H13 that the merchants say. Although the level is higher than the Internet, the filtering level accuracy is naturally higher, which means the price is high.

An H14-grade fiberglass filter costs four figures. But for ordinary families, the H11 level is more than enough.

03 – Air duct design

Most of the classic air duct dredging design roads on the market are: lower air inlet and upper air outlet, side inlet air and upper air outlet, side inlet air and side outlet air. Among them, the wind enters and exits up and down. This type of design is the least noise and the most reasonable.

The most unreliable is the side-in and side-out air. If you choose such an air outlet, the placement of the purifier is very limited.

04 – Sensor

The sensor is the only external sensor of the air purifier, just like glasses and nose, used to measure the pollution index in the air.

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