Recommend 4 home furnishing brands not to be missed

Recommend 4 home furnishing brands not to be missed

Today, I will recommend 4 home furnishing brands that should not be missed. If you have an idea or plan to buy a good home furnishing, come and read this article!

furnishing brands 01 – ASHLEY

ASHLEY is a home furnishing brand from the United States. It was established in 1945. Its products include sofas, chairs, storage storage, tables and chairs, bedding, etc.

Ashley is a collection of American simplicity and retro elegance. Similar to IKEA in the United States, the store is widely distributed and the price is relatively close to the people. It is suitable for young people who are pursuing trends and advocating freedom.

furnishing brands 02 – Lost & Found

“We like the beauty of old things, because there are ‘people’ on them.”

This store, which was born on Guozijian Street in Beijing in 2008, aims to record the beauty of life and the warmth of home in a unique way in a rapidly changing city.

The first lost and found was to go to the hutong to collect some old furniture. Later, these old furniture were remodeled and added with modern aesthetics, and became furniture that conforms to modern life in terms of details, materials and scales.

In recent years, Lost and Found has also cooperated with many excellent handmade authors from overseas to create a simple, warm and high-quality “subtraction life” – making life more quality.

Lost and found furniture is simple, plain, ordinary, and made of solid wood as much as possible. Some of its small metal and wooden objects are mostly made in small batches, hand-made by hand-made authors, with exquisite production technology and very fine details.

furnishing brands 03 – INKIVY

With the gradual independence of the post-8090s, the concept of light decoration and heavy decoration has been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. The main categories of INK+IVY, a fast fashion overall home furnishing brand from the United States, include furniture, home textiles, lamps and accessories.

The proposition interpreted by the brand slogan, “YourLife, Your Space”, INK+IVY integrates into the urban fashion genes, mainly for young people.

furnishing brands 04 – HAY

HAY is a young Danish brand founded in 2002, hoping to provide “affordable” good designs, focusing on small, fresh and diverse fast designs.

Although HAY comes from Denmark, its products do not follow the Nordic style, and its home and accessories are rich in color. Compared with IKEA, most of HAY’s products are brighter in color selection, with low relative purity and high brightness, making them appear warmer.

Although HAY also designs furniture such as tables and chairs, it pays more attention to the design of small accessories. The stationery design can be as detailed as a finger-sized eraser, or it can be a colorful wooden pencil.

After reading this issue of sharing, are your friends excited about these stores?

To build a quality home with your heart, let’s start with these home furnishing brands!

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