5 Best Tips To Make Your Small Apartment Look Bigger

5 Best Tips To Make Your Small Apartment Look Bigger

Small apartment expansion skills 1: Use visual effects to raise the height

In the Apartment, we can apply this theory in at least three places:

  • Raise the height of the curtains and reach the ground;
  • Do not hang the ceiling;
  • Use low and thin furniture.

Curtains with a high starting point, up to the ceiling, and down to the ground can have their own extension effect, creating a greater sense of space. If the curtain rods are also made of light-colored thin rods, the space looks more refreshing.

Small apartments, most of which are relatively short in height, unless it is a loft. If you do a suspended ceiling, the presence of the ceiling will be particularly strong, making the entire room appear smaller and shorter. Therefore, for small units, it is best not to do the ceiling, or directly decorate it with plaster lines.

As for why low furniture? That’s because the closer the furniture is to the ground, the farther it is from the ceiling. When the space between the furniture and the ceiling is enlarged, the space will feel larger.

Small apartment expansion skills 2: use open layout

In the home, the concept of “family” is becoming more and more important. Therefore, many designers have begun to advocate open space, that is, the kitchen, dining room, living room, study, and activity space are all integrated, and the family can communicate at any time without interfering with each other.

Of course, this design method is also very good when living alone, it can make the space look more open.

If the full opening cannot be accepted, the semi-open layout can also achieve the effect of interlacing, fusion and extension of space.

Small apartment expansion skills 3: clever use of partitions and shelves

For a small apartment, a simple and flexible shelf is the best choice. It does not take up too much space and can be used in all corners of the room.

If you want to achieve the effect of dividing the space, you can use vertical shelves to create a continuous effect. For example, if you want to expand the dining room into the living room, you can place a sideboard or wine cabinet in the middle~

In this way, the whole space is actually a whole, and it is more open, which not only increases the storage space, but also the hollow cabinet can introduce light.

Small apartment expansion skills 4: light color decoration

The expansion effect is good. The light color system can expand the room space, and the light color system adds a gentle touch to the space.

The property is set to be off-white, but it does not lose the gentle visual experience, especially when the sun is pouring in, the light-colored wall reflects the light, making the space bright and magnifying a lot.

Small apartment expansion skills 5: small furniture selection

When buying furniture, it is best to choose thin legs, so that the space behind can be seen through the thin legs, and the space can be larger.

In addition to being small, it is also important to be small. The TV cabinet and side cabinet are smaller, which makes the living room larger.

Such a beautiful and practical small furniture, why don’t you take it home quickly! It is three-dimensional and has a sense of space, and the solid wood is healthy and textured.

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