Top 5 best kitchen water and electricity layout suggestions, quickly collect!

Top 5 best kitchen water and electricity layout suggestions, quickly collect!

We all know that water and electricity should be done first in kitchen decoration, and cabinet design should be followed.

With the rapid advancement of technology, there are more and more “equipment” in our kitchen. Take the kitchen sink as an example, it turns out that there are only water pipes and storage. Now there are many equipment, such as garbage disposals, water purifiers, warm water treasures and so on. em… Sister Fan also found it very complicated to say.

Here are some suggestions for kitchen water and electricity layout.

01——Auxiliary lighting at the bottom of the upper cabinet

The kitchen is for washing, chopping, and cooking. Only install a light in the middle, and the operation on the surrounding countertops at night is completely blocked by your own shadow. The solution to the shadow of countertop lighting is to install supplementary lighting under the upper cabinet.

If there is no light line reserved in the cabinet in the early stage, you can also add lights – hand-sweep the sensor light, turn the light on and off, just sweep it by hand near the sensor of the light. In addition to direct wiring, there are socket-type, rechargeable, and even dry batteries. With this lamp, you will find it much more convenient to cook at night.

02 – hand sweep sensor light

Of course, the sink also needs attention. Under the counter basin is the best, with a big hand, the sewage flows freely. If you choose to install a single slot, remember to be big, big, big! That’s great for washing dishes, pots, and large items! (Remember to bring a draining rack~)

03 – Faucet handle

It is best to use the back of the hand to solve the switch, so that the hand is greasy and difficult to touch, the bigger the better, and the arm can be used to switch when the hand is inconvenient. The pull-out faucet makes it easier to clean the sink countertop. In addition, the water pipe of the sink must choose the S pipe to prevent the water from smelling bad.

04 – Floor tiles in the kitchen

Be sure to choose waterproof and non-slip tiles, and don’t paste mosaics or uneven tiles. It looks good, but Chinese kitchens have a lot of oil smoke, and uneven tiles and mosaics are easy to hide dirt. Kitchen hygiene is a tiring job.

05 – Summary recommendations for other locations

  • Range hood: open the smoke pipe hole on the ceiling in advance, and pre-embed the smoke pipe; install a 10-amp three-hole socket within 1 meter of the hood.
  • Gas stove: Complete the opening on the countertop according to the size of the gas stove; install a 10-amp three-hole socket within 1 meter of the gas stove.
  • Induction hob: Complete the opening on the countertop according to the size of the induction hob; install a 16-amp three-hole socket within 1 meter from the stove.
  • Built-in oven/steamer/microwave/coffee machine: complete the cabinet reservation according to the product size; reserve a 16-amp three-hole power supply for the electrical side cabinet;,
  • Steamer/Microwave/Coffee Machine: It is recommended to use pure water to reduce limescale;
  • Embedded cabinet: There are fixing strips on both sides, which are used for screw fixing and installation on both sides of the appliance; the embedded product does not leave the back panel of the cabinet, which is convenient for heat dissipation.
  • Dishwasher: The installation location is reserved according to the product size; the water supply and water supply and the power supply are left on the side of the machine, and the power supply is a three-hole 10-amp socket; the back panel of the cabinet is not used to facilitate heat dissipation.
  • Washing machine/dryer/drying wardrobe: Complete the installation location reservation according to the product size;
  • Drainage hole: It needs to be left on the side or rear of the machine. The washing machine is drained from the upper side. After the drain pipe is bent, it is better to be 30cm to 50cm away from the ground. Do not place it directly on the ground;
  • A 10-amp three-hole socket is reserved for the washing machine and the dry closet (16-amp socket is reserved for the washer-dryer all-in-one);
  • Exhaust vents: When using an exhaust dryer in a closed room, leave an exhaust vent;
  • Socket: One 16-amp three-hole socket is reserved in the side cabinet of the dryer.

With a clean and comfortable kitchen, you can happily cook a big meal for your family~

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