Soymilk maker VS Wall breaking machine, Which One Is The Best in 2022?

Soymilk maker VS Wall breaking machine, Which One Is The Best in 2022?

Whether to buy a soymilk maker or a wall breaking machine? It is all to improve the happiness of life. With the improvement of everyone’s quality of life, everyone not only starts to pay attention to health and wellness, but also hopes to improve efficiency, release their hands, and focus more energy on things that they can focus on.

Because there is demand, there is a market. This is the reason why soymilk machines have been popular in China for more than 20 years. But with the improvement of people’s life, the function of soymilk machine can no longer meet people’s needs, so there are many household appliances products such as the generation of wall breaking machine.

Of course, now, whether it is soybean milk or wall breaking machine, some new functions have been added to the original process and technology that have been upgraded, optimized and improved.

So today, let’s take a look at the difference between a soymilk machine and a wall breaking machine?

There are many differences between a soymilk machine and a wall breaking machine. The most obvious and important ones are function, material, motor speed, blade difference, heating method, noise level, and cleaning difficulty.

01 – The functional difference of the machine

Soymilk machine: It is mainly used to make soymilk, grain milk, fruit juice, rice paste, etc. It generally supports the function of appointment time/temperature.

Wall breaking machine: Soymilk machine can beat, it can beat, and it can beat more delicately. It can also grind meat, shaved ice, dry powder, and can also be used to make porridge and thick soup. According to different foods, it supports the functions of time adjustment, speed adjustment and temperature adjustment.

02 – material difference

Soymilk maker: The interior is mainly stainless steel, the exterior may be steel, or it may be a combination of steel and plastic, or it may be plastic.

Wall breaking machine: mainly glass materials

03 – Power difference:

The power of soymilk maker and wall breaking machine is divided into heating power and motor power. There is little difference between the two heating power. The main difference is in the motor power. The most direct manifestation is the motor speed. The faster the motor speed, the faster the food is cut, and the food is delicate.

Soymilk machine motor: speed empty machine, about 10000/min;

Wall breaking machine motor: the speed of empty machines is 30000/min, and most of them are 38000/min.

04 – blade difference

The more blades, the better the texture of the blade and the finer the food. If there is a blade on the blade, the effect is better, but it is also easy to clean and inconvenient.

Soymilk machine: the blades are generally 2~4 pieces, there are 2 pieces in the low-end machine, there are more than 3 pieces at present, three pieces have blades, or three pieces have no blades, and four pieces have blades only appear in the disposable type soymilk machine .

Wall breaking machine: The number of blades is generally 4 or more, with or without blades, half of the blades. The overall quality of the blades is better than that of the soybean milk machine, of course, it depends on the model.

05 – heating method

Soymilk machine: There are electric heating tube heating, bottom heating and surround three-dimensional heating, surround three-dimensional heating > bottom heating > electric heating tube heating. At present, the bottom heating is the most used, and the bottom heating has pasted the bottom when rice cereal or high starch food is boiled. .

Wall breaking machine: mainly bottom heating, high-end configuration also three-dimensional U-shaped heating (essentially bottom heating). Some models reduce the occurrence of sticky bottoms by changing the shape and inclination of the blade to rotate the food upwards while cutting.

06 – Display board size difference

It is mainly helpful for the elderly. On the whole, the display board of the broken wall machine is larger than that of the soybean milk machine, and the font displayed on the broken wall board is larger and clearer. Of course, many models now also support intelligent operation, which can be controlled directly through the mobile phone, reducing the dependence on the display panel.

07 – noise level

On the whole, the noise of the wall breaking machine is greater than that of the soymilk machine. In response to the problem of high noise, some wall breaking machine also take noise reduction and shock absorption measures.

08 – Difficulty of cleaning

Soymilk machines are mainly hand-washed, and some high-end models support no-wash.

Wall breaking machine: mainly automatic cleaning

09 – price difference

The price of the Wall breaking machine is more expensive than the price of the soymilk machine. The soymilk machine is generally above 300, and the median price is about 500; the wall breaker is less than 500, and the median price is about 1200.

10 – Capacity difference

The difference between the two is not much. The domestic soymilk machine is generally about 1.3 liters, and the Wall breaking machine may reach 1.5 or 1.7 liters (the corresponding capacity of cold and hot products is also different).

Which of these two is the best and most suitable for you, I believe you will have the answer after reading this article.

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